Discover our microtech +.

Microtech+ has ben developed over the years to be an extremely light material ( density of 0.5Kg/dm 3) and this is possible thanks to its new revolutionary expanded use in the compound. Microtech+ is not just light but its microcellular structure gives exceptional characteristics like resistance to the prolonged stress, flexion, slip and ageing.


Microtech+ is a thermoplastic material and engineered to be easy to inject in conventional machines, doesn’t present any air-tapping and hydolysis.


Microtech+ is a new generation of certified Green PVC materials developed for the new “Go Green” business. Microtech++ is 100% recycleable, the composition is free of heavy metals and phthalats that have been substituted with vegetables componens. Moreover the extensive research and development brought a material free of all toxic and hazardous component lists. The engagement in enviromental preservation issues as been demonstrated by the iso 14001 certification.