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AIMP is the best audio player we’ve been testing for a long time. It’s a beautiful design and display of features that make it the ideal choice as AIMP, you can organize your MP3 files in the library, edit the markers as needed and use them with excellent sound quality. AIMP works withother popular formats, including karaoke files and multiple spell-checkers (() {(reviev-app-page-desktop);)); AIMP offers all the standard playback functions that are found in other similar applications: 18 bandwidth, visual effects, afsonderlikevenster to see your currentlist of tracks, vervaagende effect between tracks, normalization filter to prevent sudden changes in volume, as well as maintaining a global site for more AIMP than that. The program also plays online radio stations, including the editor of the voltag and can be set to repeat the specified onespart of a song that is useful to decipher verses! The AIMP interface is attractive and intuitive. All the functions and keys are clear design can easily be changed trying to find it, but it does not matter at all for AIMP. It’s a good audio player that just needs to look for the perfect music player,AIMP can be the answer.

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