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Advanced Renamer 3
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Advanced Renamer Commercial + Portable

Advanced Renamer is a program for changing many files and folders at the same time. By configuring ways to change names, names can be manipulated in different ways.

It is easy to configure batch work using several methods in a large number of files. 14 different methods allow you to change the name, attribute and time stamp of the files when traveling. Files can also be copied or moved to a new location based on the informationheadline

With Advanced Renamer you can create a new file name by adding, deleting, replacing, changing the shell or the name of a new name based on the information that is known about the file.

Before performing an operation in a file you can verify that the output is correct and if you rename it and regret it, you can cancel the entire batch.

Image archive

This mass-renamed archive is a great utility for managing digital photos for professionals and beginners. The miniature modeIt allows you to show live thumbnails of fictional files that allow you to control the renaming process. With this program you can rename all your photos in an instant

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